Chinese users behave differently when it comes to taking advice. Instead of depending on search engines, Chinese users value advice from sources such as their peers, friends, bloggers and celebrities also know as KOL (Key Opinion Leaders).

Much like influencers in Western world, KOLs are very crucial in the overall digital marketing approach in China.

Spotlightgb helps you reach Chinese audience through the most powerful channel: key opinion leaders, or KOL.

We help you leverage your brand presence among key opinion leaders through our KOL advertising strategy that include sponsored posts, product reviews, KOLs giveaways and KOLs campaigns. We help you run active campaigns for your brand through the KOLs present on WeChat, Weibo, Douyin etc that share similar attributes with your brand. We streamline your targeting on these social media platforms while helping you amplify your brand reach and presence on Chinese social media.



Direct Marketing
We works with you to produce accurately targeted direct marketing campaigns that increase response rates and boost return on investment.
Email/SMS Marketing
The digital marketing team of Spotlightgb is so profound and proficient in their jobs that it takes a fraction of seconds to design new tactics for any client for hiking his/her website.
Social Media Management
Is your brand being talked about online? The number of active social media users continues to increase every day.

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